Research & Development

Our products is the cow leather tanning business, which is the raw material used in the manufacture of famous sports shoes of the world, such as Adidas, Timberland and other leather goods, which have many different properties that must be carefully produced to meet the customers demand. In particular, the properties and effects of the leather, such as durability, flexibility, softness and etc, Because properties of leather as mention, our Research and Development Department need to test the leather stage of production to be recognized by the customers.

Research and Development has been involved in researching and developing new products to market to meet customer needs with the new experimental equipment was used in the laboratory, so the sample leather can be produced within a short time. Equipment used in the lab currently provides accuracy in the determination of specific properties. The segregation of different types and colors of leather has been used in the production to precisely control the color quality and to reduce the risk of being returned. The company has been supported the concept of the world is leading chemical company.

With the introduction of new production techniques in order to apply the system to develop more effective. While trying to develop new products, so that the product can be implemented in existing manufacturing process more efficient cost at the same time.