CPL : Creative performance leather
CPL : Creative performance leather

The company’s corporate governance is a system that provides a relevance structure of every group of stakeholder including the Board of Directors, managements, and shareholders. Also, the stakeholder must be treated with fairness and equality.

In addition corporate governance policy also includes management system and internal control of company to achieve goals for most of benefit to the shareholders in the long term. The company hold 4 principles to create confidence to related parties and as the basis of sustainable growth of the business such as transparency, integrity, accountability and competitiveness with the guidelines in practice divided into 5 categories as follow;
  1. Right of Shareholders
2. Equitable Treatment of Shareholders
3. Role of Stakeholders
4. Disclosure and Transparency
5. Board Responsibilities
CPL ‘s Definition of Corporate Governance Policy year 2015
CPL : Creative performance leather